Friday, August 6, 2010

Where am I?

Its been a while since I updated "My Faith Journey". This statement is true for both the blog and my personal spiritual walk. I haven't really grown much or done anything spiritually significant lately.

I just got back from taking a short vacation to the MI UP. I was away from work, and all the daily things that distract me. (Of course, driving and family reunions are distracting too...) I was able to take a little time to quiet myself and to read 1 and 2 Timothy, as well as do some prayer and prayer journal-ing. (I also made a priority list for my life and upcoming things I need to do or work on.)

This was not a huge step or anything, but it did help me re-focus a little, and can turn out to be a springboard to real spiritual growth and life change.

If you are reading this, please encourage me in this. :)